Mission Statement

They were more than soldiers, they were sons and daughters, husbands and fathers. They came from all corners of the country, from cities, towns, and hamlets that are no longer. Thousands of names are inscribed on cenotaphs from coast to coast. Most were young and many would die before their parents. It is hard to imagine their pain, for them it was not just the death of a soldier but of the life that was and was to be. Formed by retired military personnel in 2002 and governed by a volunteer board of directors, the Foundation has partnered with private and public organizations to put a face to the fallen, share a glimpse into the lives of our soldiers, and preserve their memory through the memorial. Thousands of oak framed and metal art Memorials have been commissioned for display in Legions and public buildings, memorial halls, and schools to honour our pledge to remember. Thousands more are recognized In Memoriam on the charity’s website and can be searched by name or by the town they once called home. We are grateful for the opportunity to share their story and as a registered charitable organization, would like to thank our many supporters and volunteers for their help with this project.