Help Wanted

Appeal for Photographs & Biographical Information

To contribute photographs please provide us with the following:

    • Photograph of soldier (photos will be returned)
    • Name
    • Where from
    • Unit and/or Branch of service
    • Military honors or decorations

If sent by email – all scanned photo’s must be at least 150 dpi (300 dpi preferred) and saved as a JPG or TIFF.

Note: Original photographs will be immediately scanned and returned by registered mail.

Send to

When contributing biographical information, please indicate the source so it may be incorporated into the biography. i.e. According to his niece, Gavin was an avid etc…

Appeal to display Memorials

If you would like to display a completed Memorial for a soldier from your community please provide a contact name and physical address including postal code. Venues should be open to the public and accessible by all age groups. Special consideration is given to schools and facilities operated and administered by the local governing body.

Make a donation

If you would like to donate to the foundation please also include contact information so that a tax receipt may be issued. In addition, please indicate if there is a specific Memorial you would like to commission. For those donating $500.00 to commission a Memorial Print.