Print Display at the Camrose Royal Canadian Legion

The Camrose Royal Canadian Legion has recently completed a display of memorial prints in commemoration of their local fallen heroes. Visit the branch today to take a look!

Camrose Royal Canadian Legion
6002 50 Avenue
Camrose AB T4V 0J9
P: 780.672.3325

Thanks for your commitment to honouring Canada’s fallen heroes! 


Youth Submission from Bryann Cormier

As the soldier looked around, he gazed upon an innocent woman’s body. No weapon, no armor. She didn’t deserve to die. He wandered around, tripping over the rubble. He slowly made his way towards the piano, amazed how it was the only thing in the field left standing. He opened the top of the piano and looked inside. It was as if no one had ever touched it. Not even the wind. He closed the piano and started to play “In Flanders Fields”.

As his fingers caressed the keys of the piano, he was brought to another world. A world that was full of peace, not hatred. In this world, you didn’t have to go to war. People didn’t need to leave their family. This is the world he wanted to be in, not the one he was living in.

When he lifted his fingers off the keyboard, the peaceful world disappeared. He was back in the field surrounded by dead bodies and smoke. He kept gazing at the piano, still wondering how it was the only thing left standing. As the song ended, he closed the piano and walked away. After he got back to his group, his sergeant asked him if he was okay. He said that he was fine but just missed his family. He never told anyone about the piano, afraid that they were going to judge him. He kept it a secret until he got home to his family 1 year later. To this day, he still cannot forget about the memories that came with the piano.

– Bryann Cormier

 About the author:

Bryann Cormier wrote this piece as a Grade 6 student aged 12 from Edmonton, AB. She is now 14 years old.


A Family Tribute

One of the most touching stories of our Polo Park event was of Fallen Hero David Stranger. Researched and commissioned by the Calvin Christian School classes, this aboriginal soldier hailed from Manitoba and lost his life in the First World War. To our shock, family members of the fallen happened to be at Polo Park and saw the memorial. After reaching out to some of the family members, the great-grandson of STRANGER came down in full traditional clothing to pose for pictures with the print. This story was also picked up by the television network APTN on their national news broadcast. Below is a link to the news story of Chris (Great-Grandson) for your viewing. Being able to reach out to the family members of our fallen and helping each individual feel pride for their families’ sacrifice is a top priority for our foundation.