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  Last Name First Name(s) Rank DOD
Ackerman Arthur Ross Lieutenant 1916-10-11
Acton John Private 1917-08-15
Allen Robert Steven John Corporal 1989-01-29
Andros John Albert Lance Corporal 1943-07-22
Arnold Henry Mittleberger Captain 1900-02-23
Askew John Ruskin Flight Sergeant 1943-01-28
Attree Harry John Sergeant 1944-12-02
Bason Colin Stuart Francis Master Corporal 2007-07-04
Bayfield-Davis Francis Merrick Lieutenant Commander 1962-06-14
Bellsmith Claude Eustace Corporal 1943-12-20
Biollo Peter Joseph Flying Officer 1944-07-29
Cameron Duncan James Flying Officer 1944-03-29
Carter Roy Edward Flying Officer 1944-07-09
Clark Lorne Alexander Private 1916-11-12
Conley Robert Lieutenant 1944-11-01
Connon John Douglas Private 1944-09-14
Davies Frederick Eugene Pilot Officer 1942-10-14
Donald Bruce George Flying Officer 1955-07-21
Doran William Lawrence Pilot Officer 1944-03-15
Doyle Erin Melvin Master Corporal 2008-08-11
Dumont Norman Charles Edward Flying Officer 1944-10-17
Dunphy Hugh Ashley Pilot Officer 1945-01-05
Elliott Albert Lance Corporal 1916-10-08
Fernie John Robert Bruce Corporal 1941-11-04
Ferrat Jean Private 1916-09-30